Kazakhstan introduces online monitoring system of medical institutions

Kazakhstan introduces online monitoring system of medical institutions

From now on, Kazakh Health Ministry works in a new way. The office decided to introduce a system of online monitoring of medical institutions. Such a format will help coordinate measures and strengthen the fight against coronavirus in the country. This was reported by Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy at a briefing today. He noted that it is necessary to keep a finger on the pulse and monitor the work of each institution. The ministry plans to cover all regions.

“We have introduced a new format of online rounds in the wards. This means that now the Kazakh Health Ministry staff recruits employees in medical organizations in real time. Three organizations in Atyrau held such online round yesterday. A specialist moves around the medical organization in real time and our employees guide and ask specific problems. Such format allowed to check a few objects in a short time,” said the minister.

Alexey Tsoy informed that the problem of medicine shortages in the country is currently being solved. The procedure of importing medicines in Kazakhstan was accelerated, while regulatory documents were signed. This means that many medicines which are in shortage now will be available soon.

“Medicines come from warehouses to wholesale companies under a simplified procedure. They will be sold directly to pharmacies then. We eliminated the barrier. Medicines will be on the market in the shortest possible time,” added the minister.

He assured that the control over medicines price in Kazakhstan was strengthened. All those who unscrupulously try to cash in on the health of citizens will be held accountable.

“Mayoral offices created monitoring groups, involving public councils and non-governmental organizations that monitor price caps on medicines which were set by the state. There is overcharging that we also deal with. All citizens who profit from the health of others will be punished in accordance with the law,” Alexey Tsoy concluded.


Photo:  inbusiness.kz