How much it costs to call a paid ambulance in Kazakhstan?

How much it costs to call a paid ambulance in Kazakhstan?

During a press briefing, Kazakh Deputy Health Minister Azhar Giniyat announced the cost of calling a paid mobile ambulance team.

“Currently, they have already begun their work. The price stands at 5,400 tenge (US$13),” Giniyat said.

She also said that the mobile teams will be conducting coronavirus testing at home whenever they are called by patients with COVID-19 or acute viral respiratory infections symptoms.

“These ambulance teams will not come twice. The COVID-19 test will be taken once and then the results will be reported to the local family doctor,” Giniyat added.

She turned to Kazakh residents with a request to be more patient towards the paramedics.

“Paramedics face negative reactions from Kazakh citizens. It is important to understand that currently they are working under very high mental and physical pressure. First of all, they come to patients in critical condition, so we ask people to show understanding and be more patient with them,” Giniyat emphasized.

She stressed that the number of ambulance calls increased from 15,000 to 30,000 per day.