How to receive online consultations from doctors in Kazakhstan?

How to receive online consultations from doctors in Kazakhstan?
Kazakh citizens can now receive consultations from doctors online. A new telemedicine service was launched in the state on behalf of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.
The platform will connect a patient and a doctor via chat, audio, video and file sharing. Consultations are provided by the doctors of the institution where a patient is attached. This can be done on the website of “e-government”. Reception is carried out in line both by therapists and specialists of narrow profiles: gynecologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and others.
To receive the free online consultation, a patient needs to:
-go to the “online consultation” section on website;
-select “free consultation”;
-enter your unique identification number, phone number and e-mail address to confirm that you are a citizen of Kazakhstan and can apply for a free online consultation;
-choose the right doctor from the list;
-confirm an appointment and line up;
-when the doctor is ready, the user will receive a message on the phone and an e-mail with a link to an online consultation.

After the consultation, you can evaluate its quality and leave a review about the specialist.
If a person does not want to attach to a medical institution within the framework of the guaranteed package of free medical care or is not a citizen of Kazakhstan, then he or she can use the paid version of the product.
The pilot project is already working in three medical institutions of Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Shymkent. Other cities will be connected after testing.
A call center has been launched in Atyrau region, where doctors also consult residents online. Consultations on home treatment for patients with a mild form of coronavirus and viral infections are carried out by qualified doctors. As noted in the regional Health Department, you can receive detailed information about how to treat yourself at home, isolation rules, which medicines you need to take and for how long by calling numbers 103, 109 and 112. Operators automatically switch the caller to doctors who are ready to provide all the necessary information.

“To date, 28 general practitioners have been involved in the call center work. They provide consultation according to the algorithm for treating coronavirus, acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia. This will help relieve the work of ambulance, where patients go first. Doctors explain what symptomatic treatment needs to be received. This allows the population to get the necessary consultation at home,” said Nurlybek Kabdykaparov, Head of the Health Department in Atyrau region.