Medications in shortage to be supplied in coming days

Medications in shortage to be supplied in coming days

At a briefing in the Central Communications Service, Kazakh Deputy Health Minister Lyudmila Byurabekova reported that antipyretics are being supplied to Kazakhstan’s market. She said that medicines that have recently been in shortage, appeared in pharmacies of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Karagandy region. All the regions will receive necessary medicines in the coming days. Other medicines that Kazakh citizens had difficulty finding will be also supplied.

“Antiviral medicines Ingavirin (70,000 packs) and Tamiflu (49,000 packs) will be imported by the end of the week. These are main medicines that have recently been in demand,” she noted.

Lyudmila Byurabekova urged people not to treat themselves on their own and not to drink antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. She reminded that many antibacterial medicines are not used to treat viral infections.

“I strongly recommend that citizens do not self-medicate, do not use antibiotics on their own when they have symptoms of a viral infection. It is necessary to act according to the developed and recommended checklist, in order not to form antibiotic resistance and get complications in the future,” she highlighted.

The Kazakh Deputy Health Minister added that the relevant authorities make sure that the owners of pharmacies do not overstate the prices of these medicines. Active monitoring is underway. However, the cost of medicines is not always possible to control due to the moratorium on inspections.

“Inspections are conducted in accordance to the plan, but, unfortunately, there is a moratorium. That is why committee and departments can inspect only at the request of citizens. If you found out about the higher cost of the medicines, please inform our territorial departments and they will take measures immediately,” Lyudmila Byurabekova concluded.