Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy offers to impose four-week lockdown in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy offers to impose four-week lockdown in Kazakhstan

At a briefing in the Central Communications Service, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy announced that Kazakhstan needs to impose a four-week strict lockdown. He said that epidemiologists made a projection for the period up to September 1. They are confident that if the situation keeps as it is, 27,000 coronavirus cases will be registered per day. If the state of emergency will be imposed for two weeks, this figure will be reduced to 7,000. The number of infected people will be decreased to 2,500 per day if the state of emergency is introduced for four weeks.

“Healthcare facilities have been working in the reinforced mode in recent months. Medical staff, who have to be in direct contact with the infected patients, also catch the virus. This makes the shortage of employees even worse. But we have enough resources and we cope. A new package of government measures will make the situation stable,” said the minister.

He reminded that currently, the infection spread in the country is growing every day. Almost each family has faced the virus. Alexey Tsoy highlighted that the decision on the strict quarantine will be made very soon.

He also spoke about a pneumonia outbreak with the symptoms similar to COVID-19, but the infected are tested negative. He said that Kazakh scientists are researching the bacterial and viral cause of the disease to use vaccines. The results will be announced on July 3.

He informed that Kazakhstan will purchase 1.2 million of PCR tests soon. Domestic producers also supplied large quantities of antipyretics.

“Antiviral medicines Ingavirin (70,000 packs) and Tamiflu (49,000 packs) were imported and will be delivered to wholesale warehouses by the end of the week and will be sent to the regions. It is necessary to note that, according to the treatment protocols, these medicines are not used to treat COVID-19 on an outpatient basis,” added the minister.

Kazakhstan also changed the rules for the burial of people who died from coronavirus. They are allowed in any cemeteries, but with strict observance of sanitary and epidemiological rules.


Photo: zakon.kz