Ambulance service calls grow four times in Nur-Sultan

Ambulance service calls grow four times in Nur-Sultan

Since the beginning of this month, the number of calls to the Nur-Sultan ambulance increased four times. On average, the 103 ambulance service of the Kazakh capital receives up to 4,000 calls per day, Nur-Sultan ambulance station director Murat Orazbayev stated at the press briefing. 

“Currently, more than 118 teams of ambulance paramedics are operating on the line. All of the ambulance crews are provided with personal protective equipment for safe operation and are a fully rigged with medical equipment. Additional control panels for the ambulance dispatching station were created due to the increased load on the 103 ambulance line. In addition, the help line was launched to respond to calls of people regarding coronavirus infection,” Orazbayev noted.

In total, 103 emergency service received more than 50,000 calls with suspected COVID-19, the Acting Chairperson of the National Emergency Medicine Coordination Center Bakhtiyar Dzhusipov reported. 70 percent of patients were hospitalized.

“We have an approved algorithm of actions. According to the algorithm, individuals with mild coronavirus symptoms and without the risk factors are left at home under the supervision of district doctors from the clinic. In this case, the patients were not hospitalized. In some cases, the symptoms of coronavirus infection were not detected at all,” Dzhusipov noted.

In total, Nur-Sultan ambulance station registered 2,623 calls related to COVID-19 infection since June 1. Nearly half of them were hospitalized. The remaining patients were allowed to go home, where they are under the supervision of district doctors.