Coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan exceed 18,000

Coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan exceed 18,000
Seven more people died from coronavirus in the past day, including six in Nur-Sultan and one in Kostanai region. Commission on studying deaths made a decision to register these deaths as from COVID-19.
As Kazakh Health Ministry reported, 499 more cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the last day, involving 61 in Shymkent, 59 in Nur-Sultan and 53 in Karagandy region. The infection spread is 2.8 percent.
The total number of the infected in the country reached 18,231, including 3,407(+59) in Nur-Sultan, 3,429(+39) in Almaty, 1,357(+61) in Shymkent, 349(+21) in Akmola region, 653(+25) in Aktobe region, 597(+14) in Almaty region, 1,475(+35) in Atyrau region, 460(+31) in East Kazakhstan region, 616(+16) in Zhambyl region, 1,186(+29) in West Kazakhstan region, 1,950(+53) in Karagandy region, 358(+33) in Kostanai region, 572(+17) in Kyzylorda region, 436(+2) in Mangystau region, 521(+21) in Pavlodar region, 246 (+21) in North Kazakhstan region and 619(+22) in Turkistan region.
816 more asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 have been reported over the past 24 hours. Atyrau region has the biggest number of 125 carriers. Their number in Kazakhstan grew to 10,625.

Kazakh Health Ministry announced that coronavirus in the country is getting weaker, because majority of registered cases among citizens are asymptomatic.
Recovered patients increased to 11,158. 127 people died.