Kazakhstan develops mobile app for enforcement proceedings

Kazakhstan develops mobile app for enforcement proceedings

Kazakhstan plans to accelerate the enforcement of judicial acts. For this purpose, a mobile application for enforcement proceedings will be launched soon, said Kazakh Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev at a reporting meeting to the population. He said that the integration has already been held with databases of 14 second-tier banks.

“Now bailiffs can quickly impose and remove encumbrances in financial institutions online. An interaction with “E-notary” information system was launched to receive executory endorsement in e-format,” he said.

“SMS-notifications” service has begun operating. If a phone number is registered, the debtors will receive messages about instituting proceedings and the legal proceedings taken thereon.

“A mobile application of the automated information system of enforcement proceedings is planned to be developed as part of the measures taken on further improvement of this system. The app will allow to perform the enforcement actions online, learn the legal proceeding documents of the case parties, respond promptly to changes in the status of imposed measures and also obtain sanctions,” Mr. Beketayev noted.

He added that electronic registration of mortgages of immoveable property will be launched throughout the country starting from July. This will help reduce financial and time costs from owners. Now you do not need to contact public service centers for the submission of documents, given that information about the registration of mortgages will be sent by banks to the registration authority in digital format. The registration will be carried out during one day.


Photo: inbusiness.kz