COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan grow to 16,351

COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan grow to 16,351

Five more people have recently died from coronavirus, including two in Almaty, one in Nur-Sultan, one in Karagandy region and one in Akmola region. The country’s death toll increased to 105.

474 more cases were registered in the last day. The infection spread is 3.0 percent.

3,258(+41) cases were reported in Almaty, 3,113(+103) in Nur-Sultan, 1,718(+57) in Karagandy region, 1,379(+17) in Atyrau region, 1,222(+37) in Shymkent, 1,069(+28) in West Kazakhstan region, 588(+27) in Aktobe region, 554(+9) in Almaty region, 553(+29) in Zhambyl region, 533(+11) in Kyzylorda region, 519(+32) in Turkistan region, 437 in Pavlodar region, 409(+5) in Mangystau region, 333(+35) in East Kazakhstan region, 262(+20) in Akmola region, 258(+11) in Kostanai region and 146(+12) in North Kazakhstan region.

778 more asymptomatic carriers at once were registered, bringing their total number in the country to 7,609.

Fortunately, the number of people who managed to recover from the virus also grows, reaching to date 10,139.