Kazakh authorities reiterate the importance of vaccination

Kazakh authorities reiterate the importance of vaccination
To date, vaccination remains one of the most discussed topics in Kazakhstan. This subject caused a real wave of indignation and misunderstanding among the Kazakh citizens. Kazakh citizens tend to have a negative attitude towards immunization due to the flow of unverified and often inaccurate information on social media and on the Internet. The hot topic on the introduction of the mandatory vaccination in Kazakhstan was discussed at the online conference by the experts, domestic doctors, public figures, as well as the heads of Kazakh Health Ministry and Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development.
Chairperson of the National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices of the Committee for Quality and Safety Control of Goods and Services of Kazakh Health Ministry Arnur Nurtayev commented on the popular opinion on the harmful effects of vaccines.
“The most important thing I would like to say in response to the respected opponents is that the amount of traces of formaldehyde in the vaccine is so negligible that you get more of it with water or with food than from the vaccine.  There are multicenter studies, which are carried out constantly. A large number of organic studies are being conducted. Tens of thousands of different studies show that using various substances in vaccine production is absolutely safe, even when they say that today the quality control system in Kazakhstan is much worse,” Nurtayev said.
He added that the domestic laboratory complies with the European quality standards.
“We test according to the quality standards that are set in Europe for the same vaccines. We analyze the vaccine dossier and the amount of all the adjuvants, formaldehyde indicators and everything else. We make sure that their number is quite small,” concluded Nurtayev.

Deputy Health Minister of Kazakhstan Lyudmila Byurabekova said that to date immunization is the most effective form of protection against infectious diseases. She stated that vaccination saves more than 3 million human lives every year.

Chairperson of Kazakh Health Ministry’s Public Council and Chairperson of the Eurasian Medical Association Nadezhda Petukhova stated that the current vaccines are not worse in quality than those vaccines that were produced in the past. She said that today more than ever it is necessary to understand the importance of vaccination.

“We should understand the importance of immunization. We now witness the global coronavirus pandemic. The more there are unvaccinated children in the country, who are not immunized from certain diseases, the greater the chances that those infections that we forgot about will emerge again,” Petukhova noted.

Kazakhstan has a certified polio-free status, Petukhova said.

“We achieved such an important result, because polio is a disease leading to a life-long disability. Since 2002, Kazakhstan has not registered a case of this disease. We eliminated a lot of diseases connected to vaccine-cavial infections. I also think that today the level of equipment of our medical facilities are so high that any complication, if reported, will be thoroughly investigated and the causes will be identified,” Petukhova added.

During the online conference, its participants proposed the creation of a government website on vaccinations. They discussed that the website should have all of the annotations to vaccines, information on the components, contraindications, possible side effects and studies on the effectiveness of the vaccines. This, in turn, will help parents to make more informed decisions about vaccinating their children.
Photo: avestnik.kz