COVID-19 vaccine to be produced in Zhambyl region

COVID-19 vaccine to be produced in Zhambyl region

Coronavirus vaccine will be produced in Zhambyl region. The region started the construction of the biopharmaceutical vaccine manufacturing plant. Currently, the candidate vaccine against COVID-19 of the Kazakh Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems is included in the list of the World Health Organization and is successfully undergoing preclinical trials. The enterprise will also produce medications against pandemic influenza, tuberculosis, brucellosis, nodular dermatitis and other infectious diseases. The biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility’s construction is planned to be completed in December 2020. Up to 60 million doses of biopharmaceutical drugs are planned to be produced at the plant annually.

“It’s safe to say that our research is now being carried out at the same level as in Russia and the leading European countries. Our latest vaccine developed against COVID-19 is the first domestic vaccine to begin preliminary clinical trials at the WHO,” said Yergali Abdraimov, Deputy General Director of Kazakh Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems.

This year, Zhambyl region will also expand the production of its pharmaceutical plant. Upon reaching full production capacity, the pharmaceutical manufacturer will provide jobs for nearly 600 people. The enterprise was opened in 2011 as part of the state program of accelerated industrial and innovative development. Currently, the enterprise is stably supplying domestic medical facilities with pharmaceutical products.

The enterprise produces single-use medical goods, as well as sterile and non-sterile sets for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and much more. Devices for blood transfusion are also among the products manufactured at the plant.