COVID-19 situation in the world is not getting better, scientists find several varieties of coronavirus

COVID-19 situation in the world is not getting better, scientists find several varieties of coronavirus

Coronavirus continues rapidly spreading around the world. Almost 109,000 cases of the infection have been registered over the past 24 hours.

Authorities of many countries lift quarantine measures in stages, while people learn to live in coronavirus conditions, walking in parks, visiting beauty salons, restaurants and starting to come back to normal life. Airlines prepare to resume international flights. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization warns that global figures deteriorate. Doctors are confident that improvement of the situation in Europe actually reveals nothing, highlighting that the biggest current threat is complacency. The virus has killed more than 411,000 patients since the beginning of the pandemic. Forecasts of experts and scientists are not positive as well. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, in the United States alone, the death toll from coronavirus can exceed 145,000 by August.

While countries’ authorities are counting the damage caused by the epidemic, scientists keep working. They discovered varieties of coronavirus. Experts analyzed more than 10,000 samples of COVID-19 from various regions of the world and found several of its varieties. The algorithm allowed the experts to study 10,400 strains of SARS-CoV-2. The result was surprising: six clonal groups of this virus continue spreading throughout the world. Scientists found that it mutates at about the same rate as the causative agent of influenza. This is only food for thought. Experts have yet to figure out how these changes affect the infectiousness and other properties of the virus and how dangerous each of its varieties is.

Over 7.24 million people caught coronavirus globally. The U.S. still has the biggest number of 1,979,850 cases. More than 112,000 patients have died since the beginning of the pandemic here, half of them in New York City. Riots raging in all states also led to the disease spread. It became known that some Washington D.C. National Guard troops have tested positive for COVID-19 during the anti-racist protests near the White House. The exact number of the infected is still unknown.

The U.S. is followed by Brazil with nearly 740,000 coronavirus cases. However, this figure can be bigger as the country’s authorities stopped publishing official disheartening statistics after deterioration of the situation, media reported.

Russia is in the third place after Brazil with confirmed 484,630 infection cases.

Top-10 countries with the biggest number of coronavirus cases also involve the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Italy, Peru, France, Germany and Iran.