COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan reach 13,319

COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan reach 13,319

Kazakhstan registered three more coronavirus-linked deaths last night, including two in Turkistan region and one in Pavlodar region. The overall death toll for Kazakhstan now stands at 61.

Meantime, 245 new COVID-19 cases were registered in Kazakhstan in the last 24 hours, including 35 in Almaty, 23 in Nur-Sultan, 50 in Karagandy region, five in Atyrau region, 14 in Shymkent, 18 in West Kazakhstan region, five in Kyzylorda region, 11 in Almaty region, 16 in Zhambyl region, 26 in Aktobe region, 12 in Mangystau region, two in Pavlodar region, three in Kostanai region, five in East Kazakhstan region, five in Akmola region, eight in Turkistan region and seven in North Kazakhstan region. The infection spread grew 1.9 percent.

To date, there are 13,319 coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan, including 2,939 in Almaty, 2,543 in Nur-Sultan, 1,238 in Karagandy region, 1,227 in Atyrau region, 992 in Shymkent, 863 in West Kazakhstan region, 470 in Kyzylorda region, 457 in Almaty region, 457 in Zhambyl region, 427 in Aktobe region, 411 in Turkistan region, 343 in Mangystau region, 286 in Pavlodar region, 208 in Kostanai region, 204 in East Kazakhstan region, 182 in Akmola region and 72 in North Kazakhstan region.

A total of 8,015 COVID-19 patients in Kazakhstan reported to have recovered.

440 more coronavirus cases were registered among infected people without any symptoms, who are not involved in the overall statistics. Their number reached 2,136 in Kazakhstan.