WHO urges Kazakh citizens to continue following sanitary rules in the life after COVID-19 lockdown

WHO urges Kazakh citizens to continue following sanitary rules in the life after COVID-19 lockdown

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, more and more countries are gradually lifting lockdown restrictions: public events are allowed, airlines resume flights and some businesses get back to their offices. Against this backdrop, the World Health Organization published special guidelines on preparation for returning to work after the lockdown period, warning of a possible second surge of the novel coronavirus. 

Recommendations include regular disinfection of all work surfaces, greetings without handshakes and the maximum reduction of the number of meetings and business trips.

“We are expecting a second surge of the COVID-19 infection all over the world. We also believe that we will enter it in the long run. Therefore, it is important for the government, the Health Ministry and the public to clearly realize that the coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing. In the current situation, when it is necessary to lift the lockdown restrictions, the population should understand that now it takes a great responsibility to protect itself. That is why I would ask all of the Kazakh citizens and visitors to please continue following the hygiene regulations, keeping social distancing, wearing protective masks, or even better, continue the self-isolation regime,” said Dr. Caroline Clarinval, Head of WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan.

Already in the end of May, hotels and catering enterprises resumed their work in many cities of Kazakhstan. The catering facilities must strictly comply with the sanitary rules. The restrictions on the number of visitors were also introduced. No more than 25 people are now allowed per 100 square meters, while in the pre-quarantine period 55 to 60 restaurant guests could be seated per 100 square meters. The opening hours of the catering enterprises were also changed due to coronavirus infection. Bars, restaurants and cafes are allowed to be open until 11 p.m. This is not profitable for the businesspeople, but they understand that people’s safety and health are more important.

“We have different cutting knives and boards in use, ones for the raw meat and others for the cooked food. All of our employees are wearing protective masks and gloves. We also disinfect and quartz rooms after each shift. Some customers forget about masks, so we give them out for free. In addition, we installed sanitizers at the entrance to the cafe and next to the bathrooms. The safety of our visitors is very important for us. We are trying to take precautionary measures and comply with sanitary norms,” said Sergei Ten, the owner of a cafe in Nur-Sultan.

The quarantine measures are still in place in Kazakhstan, despite the general positive dynamics. Lifting of the quarantine measures in the regions of the country is up to the local authorities. They make their decisions based on the current epidemiological situation in the region, and the epidemiological situation depends on the consciousness and responsibility of every Kazakh citizen. They should not forget to follow the safety measures while getting back to normal life after an extended period of isolation.


Photo: vlast.kz