COVID-19 worldwide: Europe reopens schools, US residents riot

COVID-19 worldwide: Europe reopens schools, US residents riot

Mexican authorities are confident that the effective measure to fight against coronavirus is to avoid talking to people in public places. This was posted by Mexico city’s office on Twitter. Mexico residents are banned from talking to each other in the subway. Singapore authorities did so earlier, and also prohibited telephone calls in public transport.

While some countries find interesting ways to fight the deadly infection, others gradually come back to normal life. Leaders of several European countries considered it necessary to make children go back to school. In particular, elementary schools and kindergartens were reopened in the United Kingdom on Monday with observance of sanitary rules. However, parents have the right to have their children study at home. Starting from June 15, part of students of 11 and 12 grades will be able to go back to school to prepare for exams.

In Belgium, elementary school students will go back to school on June 8. Educators must ensure that social distance between children is maintained. Children under 12 years of age may not wear medical masks. No more than 10 children should study in primary grades. The seat of each student should be at least four square meters.

In Greece, students of elementary schools went back to study as well. Moreover, several hotels, open cinemas, swimming pools and golf courses started to work.

The issue of fighting COVID-19 has been sidelined in the United States at the moment. Authorities are preventing riots and strikes. A curfew was imposed in New York City because of the death of an African American man George Floyd. The protests have been raging here for several days. The Government plans to double the number of police officers to prevent all the riots. Additional forces will be directed to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Meanwhile, coronavirus spread in the U.S. did not stop, and experts opined that the strikes would exacerbate the epidemiological situation in the country.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide approached 6.3 million. Nearly 375,000 people died. Almost 3 million recovered.