COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan halve, says Public Healthcare Department

COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan halve, says Public Healthcare Department

The situation with coronavirus in Nur-Sultan can be considered as stable since the number of cases has halved, reported head for the city's Public Healthcare Department Saule Kisikova at a briefing in the Central Communications Service. She said that almost a half of the infected people in the Kazakhstan’s capital have been discharged from hospitals since the start of the pandemic. The infection spread has not exceeded 5 percent growth rate in recent weeks. Work on prevention of the virus spread among the population including, first of all, testing those in the risk group is well underway. The expert added that the city is living in a test mode.

Taking into account the epidemiologic situation in the city, the capital comes back to normal life. Gradual lifting of restrictions imposed due to coronavirus was declared. Dear residents, we all are testing a new reality with the opening of new facilities in the city,” said Saule Kisikova.

All residents still should observe the sanitary rules in both crowded and working places. Every person must wear mask, maintain distance and hygiene rules and use antiseptics. Sanitary doctors are confident that if you ignore these simple rules, there can be another infection outbreak. The virus is still here, so people have to learn how to live by the new rules.

You need to be prudent and observe all preventive measures from wearing a mask to avoiding crowded places. Each of you should understand the seriousness of the situation. The consequences of the coronavirus may be severe,” said Nur-Sultan’s Chief Sanitary Doctor Zhanna Praliyeva.

Earlier, Mayor of the capital, Altai Kulginov, declared that the quarantine measures in Nur-Sultan can become strict again. “If we will keep living in a relaxed mode, we can come back to the strict lockdown,” he said.