Developing countries could suffer more from coronavirus than developed countries

Developing countries could suffer more from coronavirus than developed countries

According to the official data, almost 10,000 coronavirus cases per day have been registered in Russia for the third day in a row. People from 85 regions were infected today with majority of them in Moscow. Last week Russia was the second country in the world with the biggest number of cases following the United States. To date, there are 281,752 cases in Russia. Over 2,600 patients have died from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite this, Russian authorities speak about slowing tendency of the disease spread and gradually lift the quarantine.

The U.S. also states that the infection spread is slowing down.

The number of Coronavirus cases is strongly trending downward throughout the United States, with few exceptions,” wrote U.S. President Donald Trump on his Twitter account.

In the U.S., 90,000 people died from coronavirus out of 1.527 million infected ones. The U.S. still has the biggest number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 globally.

The United Kingdom followed the United States and Russia in the list of hardest-hit countries with 245,000 infected people. Last weekend Brazil surpassed Spain and Italy in the number of cases, following the U.K. Nearly 15,000 more cases and 816 deaths have been confirmed in Brazil over the past 24 hours. The country is currently experiencing a peak of the infection spread. However, local authorities continue to oppose the introduction of strict quarantine measures, believing that the spread of COVID-19 is inevitable.

France, Germany, Turkey and Iran are also in the top 10 countries with the biggest number of coronavirus cases in the world.

Experts said that less developed countries bear the brunt of the pandemic. Recently confirmed coronavirus cases in African countries threaten to be a serious catastrophe. Million lives at stake. COVID-19 spread can lead to a severe humanitarian crisis. Even if the disease will not cause a large number of deaths, the closure of borders and the collapse of the economy will inevitably lead to dismal consequences.

There is a struggle for survival in many countries at the moment. While people in some countries are on strike demanding the lift of the quarantine to come back to normal life, people in Afghanistan take to the streets to ask for bread. In one of the provinces this flared into an armed conflict. Police opened fire on protesters who started throwing stones, shooting and trying to get into the governor's house. At least six people were killed.

According to Johns Hopkins University, to date, the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 4.7 million globally.