Europe starts relaxing lockdown measures

Europe starts relaxing lockdown measures
The daily coronavirus death toll is reported to drop in Europe. Therefore, some countries decided to ease the lockdown measures, BBC reports.
Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that coronavirus measures will be relaxed from May 4. He said that bars and restaurants will reopen for takeaway service – not just delivery as it is now. While presenting the government’s plan for the gradual reopening of the country after weeks of strict lockdown measures, Conte said that Italy can’t extend the coronavirus quarantine further. Otherwise the country risks too much social and economic downfall. Italy is one of the worst-hit countries in the pandemic. The COVID-19 infected nearly 200,000 people and killed more than 26,000 patients in Italy.
The French authorities are planning to gradually lift the lockdown from May 11. France reported more than 240 new coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. The daily fatality rates in France are steadily declining.
In Spain, children under the age of 14 were allowed to leave their homes for the first time in six weeks. They are now allowed one hour of supervised outdoor activity per day. However, children are not allowed to use playgrounds or share toys. Spain is the Europe’s COVID-19 epicenter with the highest number of infection cases in the region. The country reported a total of more than 226,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. The total COVID-19 related death toll in Spain reached more than 23,000.
Germany is implementing its compulsory mask rule today, on April 27. Thus, individuals will be required to wear protective face masks in public transport or any shop they enter. Meanwhile, the country is successfully fighting against COVID-19 infection, unlike other European countries. According to the recent data, to date Germany reported a total of nearly 6,000 coronavirus-related deaths, which is several times less than in the United Kingdom, France and the United States.
Despite the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country, some U.S. states began loosening lockdown restrictions. The U.S. is the hardest- hit country in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. The COVID-19 infected more than 960,000 people and killed more than 55,000 patients in the U.S.
Reported cases of COVID-19 infection worldwide are very close to three million and at least 207,000 people died. The total number of cases of recovery around the world exceeded 880,000.