COVID-19 vaccine volunteer talks about clinical trials in China

COVID-19 vaccine volunteer talks about clinical trials in China
China has approved three COVID-19 vaccine candidates for clinical trials. The country completed its Phase One human test for the novel coronavirus vaccine in the beginning of April with 108 volunteers from Wuhan. Marathoner Ren Chao is among those who volunteered as a vaccine test subject to help beat the pandemic. He admits that he didn’t think too much when he saw the recruitment link, simply because he thought it is another opportunity to do something for the city and for the country.
The sports enthusiast reported no adverse reactions during the two weeks in an isolation facility. So, when Ren Chao saw clips about negative effects of the potential vaccine go viral on social media, it inspired him to start his own videoblog to report what really happens to volunteers during the clinical trials.
The videos show fever, dizziness and headaches occur to vaccine volunteers against dramatic and ominous music, without further context, even though some volunteers had already recovered completely. The videos spread panic, at a time when the public was already tense and psychologically challenged over the pandemic. I felt strongly that I should stand up to tell the truth and inspire hope,” Ren Chao said.
Currently, Ren Chao continues to work as a guard at Wuhan University. He is focusing on securing a non-COVID-19 campus where hundreds of students are still self-isolating. The marathoner is only disappointed that he missed nearly 800 kilometers of training runs over the past three months due to the coronavirus lockdown. In addition, Wuhan cancelled its marathon, scheduled for April 12 amid the pandemic. However, he doesn’t lose his optimism and believes that humanity will certainly win in the fight against the novel coronavirus.