Vaccine or drug: Kazakh scientists advise on what we should focus

Vaccine or drug: Kazakh scientists advise on what we should focus

Vaccine or drug? Scientists around the world cannot come to a consensus as to which is able to help winning the raging coronavirus. Kazakh scientist Aidyn Kydyrmanov opined that only COVID-19 drug could rid the world of the pandemic, while a vaccine quickly ends up being useless because of rapid mutation of the virus.

Previously created vaccines become useless against the new strains. Therefore, it is better not to invest only in the development of a vaccine, but also look for drugs, as is done in other countries. Indeed, drugs are the priority in the fight against coronavirus,” said Aidyn Kydyrmanov, Head of Laboratory at the Institute of Microbiology and Virology.

For this purpose, Kazakhstan has an appropriate base, virologists and experience in this area. For example, the Research and Production Center for Microbiology and Virology in Almaty already has a huge experience in the development of antiviral drugs.

Several herbal medicines that are effective against a wide range of infections were developed and patented at this center. A search is also underway for new natural compounds with antiviral and immune-stimulating effects which can be the basis for the development of new effective drugs against coronavirus. “Phytochemistry” International Research and Production Holding in Karagandy is also involved in this work. In the future, the compounds will be studied based on the research and production center for microbiology and virology. Other scientific institutes in the country are also carrying out researches,” added Aidyn Kydyrmanov.

Meanwhile, National Center for Biotechnology together with Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems are actively working on the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

There is hope that research in the area of antiviral drugs will give positive results soon.