How to keep the coronavirus from entering your home?

How to keep the coronavirus from entering your home?

Even though the majority of the countries are currently under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people still once in a while need to leave their homes for the basic necessities, such as going to the nearest grocery store, to the pharmacy or taking out the trash. However, people have to be careful not to bring the virus back home. Health workers all around the world recommend people to adopt simple hygiene habits as a precaution against the dangerous virus.

Thus, they advise to put a rag soaked in a chlorine solution next to the front door of the apartment, so people could wipe their shoes without touching them with hands. Doctors recommend to get rid of the used protective gloves and a mask right away. If the personal protective tools are reusable, then they should be boiled and then ironed. As for the outerwear, experts advise to wash them upon returning from the streets. Scientists say that the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 is sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to do laundry at 60 degrees Celsius.

When going outside, it is best to wear clothes with long sleeves, which cover as many parts of the body as possible,” recommended Nadezhda Fomina, a Russian doctor.

The bags with the food or other items brought home must be sanitized with the disinfectant or a 60-percent isopropyl alcohol.

 “It is not recommended to take handbags to go out during the quarantine, because it will be difficult to wash them well later. It is better to use the plastic bags or biodegradable ones. Everything that a person touched with his hands while going out must be wiped with the isopropyl alcohol, including the smartphone, bank card and keys. There should be a separate container prepared in the hallway for them,” Fomina said.

Foodstuffs bought in a grocery story must be washed with soap.

 “It is recommended to buy food in a sealed packaging. All items must be washed individually. It would be better if people avoided buying the confectionery that lies on the open shelves. While they can easily wash the fruits and vegetables at home, it will be impossible to do so with the candies and cookies taken unpackaged from the grocery store,” Fomina noted.

In addition, doctors recommend people to keep at least a 1.5-2 meters distance from one another amid the COVID-19 pandemic.