Express testing kits not able to detect COVID-19 at an early stage

Express testing kits not able to detect COVID-19 at an early stage

Now Kazakh citizens can easily get tested for coronavirus. However, local and foreign experts cannot guarantee that the result will be 100 percent accurate. Tests aren’t that sensitive to detect the infection in the human body at an early stage. Nevertheless, it is possible to accurately detect COVID-19 in the laboratory. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based tests are considered to be the most accurate way of determining if someone is infected with coronavirus. 

 “There are so many testing methods. There are manual extraction methods with the use of various reagents. We also use an automated method of magnetic field calibration. By simultaneously launching several methods, we can process many samples. Thus, today a real-time PCR-test is one of the most accurate methods to detect the virus, both at an early stage and when the first symptoms start revealing themselves,” said laboratory head of the Seegene Korean Clinical Laboratories Kim Dae-Yiong.

Currently, the laboratory conducts an average of up to 500 tests a day. However, experts say the capacity of the laboratory allows doing more.

 “As soon as we get the equipment and reagents, we will be able to conduct up to 2,000 tests a day. We are ready to test patients not only from Almaty, but also in Nur-Sultan and other regions and cities of Kazakhstan,” said general director of the laboratory Kim Hyeon Jin.

Kyzylorda region has launched the mobile laboratories to boost the region’s capacity to test for COVID-19. The mobile labs will help detect people infected with the novel coronavirus and people with whom the infected patients have intersected. Such labs will be deployed to the remote locations to timely and promptly diagnose coronavirus. From 50 to 100 tests per day can be conducted in these mobile labs.

These mobile laboratories are equipped with the modern technology. There are separate isolation boxes where two biological safety cabinets are located. There is also an applicator to conduct the PCR-based test. This laboratory is fully equipped with test systems. The laboratory includes two doctors and four lab assistants,” said head of the National Scientific Center of Especially Dangerous Infections laboratory Abdel Ziyad Zhumadiuly.

It takes nearly five hours to examine one sample. 30 to 40 tests can be examined in the lab at the same time.