From curfews to tracking apps: Countries report coronavirus situations

From curfews to tracking apps: Countries report coronavirus situations

World keeps fighting against the coronavirus threat. The United States President Donald Trump recently reported that the country is experiencing the peak of the pandemic. 1,904 people died in the U.S. over the last 24 hours, reported Johns Hopkins University. The country still has the biggest number of COVID-19 cases. However, President Trump said that the infection spread is slowing down in some states.

Spain is the second country with the biggest number of cases after the U.S., but the local authorities are confident that they passed the peak and the number of infected people will soon decrease. However, people here won’t go back to the normal life at once. The restrictions will be lifted gradually. Coronavirus has claimed over 15,000 lives in Spain. International Committee of the Red Cross began helping socially vulnerable population groups, providing them with medicine, food and essential goods. Experts said that a lot of citizens lost their jobs due to the state of emergency introduced in the country. For example, in Catalonia, over 100,000 people lost their job.

Italy, which is the third country in the number of coronavirus cases in the world, tightens control to ensure the public follows the lockdown measures introduced one month ago. All law enforcement officers will be attracted to watch the public order over the Easter break.

As the United Kingdom enters its third week in lockdown, the country’s coronavirus outbreak is in full swing. Today, 880 people died from COVID-19, and a day earlier the country reported nearly a thousand fatalities from coronavirus. A total of 7,978 patients died from the infection in the UK. Hospitals report the lack of beds and medical staff.

French President Emmanuel Macron will prolong the nation’s lockdown. 424 patients died from coronavirus in France over the past 24 hours. There have been now more than 8,000 deaths from COVID-19 recorded in the country.
The Czech Republic, in order to reduce the strict quarantine measures, has started testing the new ‘smart quarantine system’ to track the movements of infected citizens in several regions of the country. If it proves its effectiveness, it will be introduced throughout the whole country in the near future. The location-tracking tool is a GPS-navigated app in which the movements of people who test positive for the coronavirus will be mapped out. The main purpose of the ‘smart quarantine system’ is to quickly identify the people with whom the infected patients have intersected, so they can be tested and placed in quarantine.

Saudi Arabia has imposed strict curfew as nearly 150 members of the Saudi royal family have been infected with coronavirus.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, global coronavirus death count exceeds 95,000.