Is COVID-19 LOSING its GRIP Or is it a Temporary Calm?

Is COVID-19 LOSING its GRIP Or is it a Temporary Calm?

Coronavirus keeps the humanity scared, but not as much as it used to before. Already, over 300,000 people fully recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

Actors such as Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Olga Kurylenko, Idris Elba and other celebrities recovered from COVID-19, showing that the dangerous disease is treatable. Prince Charles, Prince Albert II of Monaco are also back to good health after testing positive for coronavirus. It became known today that the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson is recovering as well. Local media reported that he actively interacts with doctors.

In the recent four days, hospitals in China discharged those recovered from coronavirus. No deaths have been reported in the country for several days. Factories and plants are starting to work, entertainment centers are opening. A wedding boom began in Wuhan, the epicenter of the infection, that was closed for quarantine for nearly 80 days. After lockdown, many local couples applied for marriage registration through a form on a website. Developers were not ready for such number of users.

More than 2,000 people recovered from the deadly virus today in Italy, beating its own record. 26,491 recovered here in total.

However, many countries are under quarantine at the moment. According to latest data, over 1.5 million people were infected with coronavirus globally. More than 434,000 cases have been registered in the United States, followed by Spain with over 148,000 cases and Italy with over 139,000.