Kazakh Scientists Are Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

Kazakh Scientists Are Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

Kazakh scientists are developing a vaccine against COVID-19. Platform technologies are used to make it possible for multiple vaccines to be more rapidly produced from a single system. The scientists are engaged in research based on the genetic library of viruses and recently developed effective PCR-based tests.

We will have six candidate vaccines on five platforms, two of the vaccines will be studied using one platform, and the remaining four will have their own vaccine platforms,” Director General of National Center for Biotechnology Yerlan Ramankulov said.

The novel coronavirus is in a constant state of mutation. “The novel coronavirus mutates with every third contact. There are lots of contacts that have already occurred. So far, we have seen more than 100 mutations of the virus,” Ramankulov said.

Teams of scientists from all over the world are searching for a vaccine formula against coronavirus. The Kazakh scientists are now in the process of analyzing the characteristics of the novel coronavirus using the vaccine platforms. The virus is grown in a closed and safe laboratory in Almaty. The Kazakh scientists say that it will take them nearly three years to develop and test the vaccine.



Photo: inform.kz