China Bans Entry for Most Foreign Travelers

China Bans Entry for Most Foreign Travelers
China will temporarily close its border to almost all foreigners to block coronavirus imports, starting from Saturday, March 28. The restriction applies to foreigners holding visas or resident permits, China’s National Immigration Administration announced. A number of visa-free policies in Beijing, Shanghai, the Guangdong Province, Hainan Province, as well as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other regions of China will also be temporarily suspended.
The ban will not affect those with diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas. In order to curtail imported coronavirus cases, the number of international flights in and out of the country has been slashed in China.
Chinese airlines will be allowed to fly just one weekly route to one city per country, effective from Sunday, March 29, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said. Similarly, the authority ordered overseas carriers to reduce their international routes to and from China to one per week.