Major Events Cancelled Worldwide Due to Spread of Covid-19

Major Events Cancelled Worldwide Due to Spread of Covid-19

Spread of coronavirus is making adjustments to the calendar of the major events, scheduled for 2020. A dozen political, economic and cultural events in the world have already been cancelled or rescheduled. The meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been postponed. Chinese ambassador to the UN and President of the UN Security Council, Zhang Jun confirmed the information.

The organizers of the annual joint meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank said the event will be held online April 13-19, where the majority of delegate’s will not attend the meeting in person. The meeting was supposed to be held in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, several major events have been cancelled in France, including the Cannes annual real estate event, the Annecy carnival, and the Paris half-marathon, as well as the final day of the annual agricultural fair hosted by the French capital.

The British authorities have decided to postpone the local elections and the London mayoral election until the next year.

The American state of Louisiana has postponed its Democratic Presidential Primaries originally scheduled for April 4th. The primaries will take place on June 20th instead.

The UEFA European Championship has been postponed until 2021. The Euro play-offs have also been postponed. The Russia-based Kontinental Hockey League has been suspended the seasonal matches.

Despite the growing COVID-19 outbreak, some organizers continue preparations for some of the mass events. According to the International Olympic Committee, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be held at the scheduled time – from July 24th until August 9th.