Coronovirus Cases Reach 35 in Kazakhstan

Coronovirus Cases Reach 35 in Kazakhstan

Two more cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Almaty. According to official data from the Kazakh Health Ministry, to date, the number of the infected in Kazakhstan is 35, including 17 in Almaty and 18 in Nur-Sultan.

The two largest cities of Kazakhstan will be quarantined today at midnight. Entry into Almaty and Nur-Sultan and exit by road and rail will be restricted. The permanent residents of the cities will be allowed to return home, and those currently visiting Almaty and Nur-Sultan will be able to leave to safely reach home in other parts of the country. Air travelers seeking medical treatment in a foreign country will be able to leave Almaty and Nur-Sultan upon presenting supporting documents at passport control. Kazakh citizens who are currently abroad will be allowed to return to the quarantined cities. All travelers who come from the countries with reported coronavirus cases will be tested for the infection. Residents living in the suburbs of Nur-Sultan and Almaty will also be able to move freely to get to work in the cities.

During the quarantine, large shopping and entertainment centers will suspend their work, except grocery stores and pharmacies operating inside these malls.