Kazakh Sewing Factories Produce Reusable Face Masks

Kazakh Sewing  Factories  Produce  Reusable  Face  Masks

A factory in Kokshetau launched the production of reusable face masks. The sewing workshop produces nearly 4,000 masks per one shift. The first to be provided with the masks are the factory employees, bus depots staff and social facilities. With sufficient raw materials, the workshop will be able to deliver the masks to the city’s pharmacies. The factory plans to double its production capacity soon.

“We plan to make 10,000 masks per day in the nearest future. If necessary, we can hire more people for extra shifts”, said factory engineer Sayat Botashev.

A factory in Kostanai that used to sew protective clothing also started producing cotton gauze face masks after the declaration of State of Emergency in Kazakhstan. The enterprise produces 10,000 cotton gauze face masks per day. If necessary, their number can be increased up to two times. The masks are sent to the city pharmacies and the capital. The factory plans to produce protective gear in the next few days.

 “We sew masks from gauze, which is made meeting the interstate standards. This mask can be used several times. It can be disinfected, ironed, washed and then reused”, said sewing factory Deputy Chairperson Arsen Zhetpisbayev.

Photo: total.kz