Kazakhstan Introduces New Measures To Help Stop Coronavirus Spread

Kazakhstan Introduces New Measures To Help Stop Coronavirus Spread

Kazakhstan continues monitoring its citizens who come from the countries with reported coronavirus cases. Kazakh chief sanitary doctor, Zhandarbek Bekshin, has provided the updated list of these countries. Kazakh citizens arriving from China, Iran and South Korea will be placed in two-week quarantine in hospitals.

Travelers coming from Italy will have to stay under a residence-based quarantine, avoid contact with their family members and be isolated in a separate room.

Kazakh travelers arriving from Germany and Spain will also have to stay at home and be monitored by local medical staff.

Local medical staff will monitor by calling those arriving from Hong Kong, Sweden, Japan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, France, Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

3,676 people are currently being monitored for the infection, Kazakh Health Ministry reported. Tests of all the hospitalized people have been sent to the National Scientific Center of Especially Dangerous Infections in Almaty equipped to diagnose coronavirus.

No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kazakhstan so far. However, doctors recommend avoiding crowded places, washing hands frequently and seeing a doctor in cases of symptoms of flu. Kazakh citizens can call a hotline at 1406 to find all the necessary information about coronavirus.

Photo: centralasia.media