Nur-Sultan hosted Digital Health Astana exhibition

A team of Kazakh scientists has developed an exoskeleton for post-stroke rehabilitation of patients. The unique project was presented at the Digital Health Astana exhibition held in the capital.

The intelligent robotic system has been created to implement various techniques for rehabilitation of patients who suffered a stroke or an accident. The system uses computer and graphical user interfaces.

“This is a complex decision which includes software, artificial intelligence, robotics and electronics. We had to combine all of this. We will present it in the Kazakh mass-market starting from 2021. We plan to supply nearly 400 to 500 devices until 2024. We plan to sell the medical devices in Kazakhstan as well as in India and Europe,” said Director of IT Company, Beibit Abdikenov.

The unique IT project has become the best digital solution among the largest local and international companies at the exhibition. The project was also listed in the world’s top 20 innovation projects created by the United Nations. Foreign experts said that this is a successful example of digital development in Kazakhstan.

“The level of digital transformation in Kazakhstan is a good level. Because Internet mobile, devices and intelligence are available in Kazakhstan. We can really help to implement very quickly,” said Expert, Lorenzo Pengo.

The Digital Health Astana exhibition is organized in the capital as part of the implementation of the state Digital Kazakhstan program. Over 300 developers and more than 100 speakers from Kazakhstan and Commonwealth of Independent States took part in the event.