Kazakh scientist invented a new device for testing drugs in UK

In the UK, a Kazakh scientist created a unique device for the pharmaceutical industry. This know-how allows testing new drugs quickly and at the lowest cost. The scientific community has gotten interested in the innovative development of Gabit Nurumbetov. Usually the creation of medicines is a laborious and expensive process.


- I made the first drawings. I shared my thoughts with my boss, who is a chief researcher. He approved it. We ordered the necessary things and we made the device. We compared it with the original and we have a 100% correlation which means there is no difference, but it is much more productive.

Researches have shown the diffusion cell consisting of chemically strong engineering plastic which allows optimizing the testing process of drugs. The British colleagues supported the development of Gabit Nurumbetov.


 - Gabit is a very bright scientist and engineer. He is always solving problems and inventing things coming up with better ways of doing something. We wish Gabit will go on and develop new inventions.

The native of Shymkent sees his future in Kazakhstan. Gabit plans to return to his homeland when he will get enough experience. The graduate of the Kazakh-British Technical University and Warwick University intends to go further achieve new goals. One of his ambitious plans is to actively promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry in his country.