Central Asia: High technologies in medicine

For the first time in Central Asia, technology of peritoneal dialysis in children was successfully introduced in Kazakhstan 10 years ago. Today the survival rate of children diagnosed with acute renal failure is 100%. Experts believe that this started development of pediatric nephrology in the entire region. Today, the technique is actively used in the modern medical Center of Motherhood And Childhood in Astana.


- This department covers kidney diseases in children. We dont send patients anywhere. We find out a reason in this department, we conduct diagnostics, treatment and everything that it needs to be done. This is the best option, the best solution for today and we are currently working in this department.

Not only domestic physicians adopted an effective technique of treatment introduced in Astana, but also the leading clinics of the Central Asian states have adopted the method.


- During the last few years, I was visiting Kyrgyzstan to counsel patients and to train doctors in Kyrgyzstan. Everything is done systematically.  In January of last year, I received an invitation from the Minister of Health of Tajikistan to introduce this technique of peritoneal dialysis in Tajikistan. I went to Tajikistan and held a master class for a week.

Today 63 children use the intracorporal technique of blood purification in Kazakhstan. According to doctors, they all have a fulfilling life just like their healthy peers. However, in some cases, specialists insist on transplanting the donor organ. Thanks to the technologies and the experience of highly qualified specialists, more than 60 kidney transplantations in children were performed in the center. All of them were successful.


 - A year ago my son Alikhan was diagnosed with kidney hypoplasia. The doctors said that he needed an urgent organ transplant. On September 14th, we had an operation and I was a donor. Every three months we undergo a survey. We feel good.

The children's transplantology program in Kazakhstan was introduced in 2012. Then Kazakhstan joined the Sister Transplant Program of the European society, and last year was admitted to the International Society of Nephrology. The Kazakh doctors are studying new techniques of organ transplantation, where any person can become a donor to a child, regardless of the blood group. Domestic experts are confident that this will improve the country’s medicine.