The Kazakh, known to entire Germany, conducts complex brain surgeries

Complex brain surgery, more than 20 years of experience, the famous Kazakh in Germany - all this can be proudly said about neurosurgeon Jadik Senol. He was born in Germany and visited his historical homeland only once. Nevertheless, he speaks the native Kazakh. This is one of the seven languages he speaks fluently. Jadik obtained his medical degree in Germany, and then he was trained in clinics of different countries. At present, he oversees operations, gives lectures to students and speaks at international conferences in Europe, Asia and the US.   


 - I have 20 years of experience. I have always tried to achieve more and improve my skills and knowledge. I have conducted 4,000 complex brain surgeries for brain cancer, acute disorder of cerebral circulation, hydrocephalus and spine diseases. At present, I am writing a research paper on the early diagnosis of spinal cord cancer and on spinal degeneration.

The doctor truly loves the homeland of his ancestors. He uses every chance to conduct a surgery for Kazakhstani children free of charge.


 - My dream is to make the world a better place through my knowledge and experience. The most important thing for me is a successful result. I would like to say to the young Kazakhstani generation: work tirelessly, learn languages and don’t be lazy.

The European neurosurgeon’s family members honor and follow the Kazakh traditions and learning the Kazakh language. Four children of Jadik Senol have never been to Kazakhstan, but it does not stop them from learning their mother tongue.