Pharmaceuticals development in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan scientists have created a unique medication. Experts say it shows the active development of the Kazakhstani pharmacological industry. Scientists of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology in Almaty have created a medicine that fights external fungal diseases. The product is made from local raw materials with the help of the latest technology. The medicine has passed a number of clinical trials and is included in the state register of medicines of Kazakhstan. As experts say, the work on the synthesis of natural antibiotic in the Institute of Microbiology and Virology began in the late 1990s. It took several decades for scientists to observe how biologically active substances cope with infections and assess patients' well-being.


- The only microorganisms that suppress mycosis have been extracted from the soil in Kazakhstan. They produce an antibiotic that fights fungi. They adsorb not only the fungus itself - they eat everything up to the spores. This is food for them.

According to the scientists, the medicine does not contain artificial chemical compounds. This reduces the risk of side effects at times. According to statistics, every fourth human is at risk of fungal diseases. In particular, this applies to residents of southern countries exposed to  the hot or humid climate.


- More than 400 patients from different regions have been treated in 3 years.  There were patients from Almaty and Almaty region. We have almost 100% positive feedback, which is recorded in documents.


- My condition has improved just after 7-10 days of treatment. I should also highlight its high therapeutic activity.  It can be applied once a day, the therapeutic effect lasts for long period.

The new medicine is already available in the pharmacies across the country.  Agreements on the supply of the medicine to medical units of Kazakh Ministry of Defence and other law enforcement agencies has entered into force. Kazakhstan will start exporting the natural antibiotic after satisfying the domestic demand. Meanwhile, the institute is working on new medication that will fight viral infections of the respiratory tract.