Development of medicine in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s medicine is reaching a new level. The country is mastering advanced techniques in surgery by partnering with foreign colleagues. For example, incompatible donor liver transplantation was performed for the first time in Kazakhstan. The National Scientific Center for Oncology and Transplantation conducted this unique procedure. The patient is 55 years old who is diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. The surgeons had prepared the patient for the procedure for several months. South Korean surgeons performed the liver transplantation. In South Korea, 25% of all transplants are blood type incompatible transplantations. The cost of this operation abroad exceeds 100,000 euros which equals to 5 million tenge. The state sponsored the surgery and the postoperative care.


- These are very risky and complicated procedures. Nevertheless, the percentage of mortality after transplantation is very low with blood type incompatibility. Usually, rehabilitation depends on how the patient had felt before the procedure. In this case, the patient's condition was satisfactory. Rehabilitation will take about one month.

Leading surgeons from Poland and Israel performed approximately 50 operations in Aktobe. The master class was held on the basis of the medical center of the Marat Ospanov West Kazakhstan State Medical University. One of the patients underwent a complicated operation to remove the kidney tumor. Both current and future surgeons observed surgical manipulations of high-class specialists. Back home in the city of Haifa, the head of the department of urology Yoram Dekel conducts up to 200 of such operations annually. In the future, Israeli physicians intend to share their experience in the emergency care of patients. Foreign investors plan to implement a joint project, the surgical building with the ambulance helicopter service, in Aktobe.


- The uniqueness of this operation is that the organ will be preserved when the tumor is removed. These types of procedures are conducted here for the first time. Dr. Dekel kindly agreed to operate and I think that this visit will give us the opportunity to raise the importance of oncology to a higher level.

Development of innovative methods of treatments is very important for Kazakhstan. The country has already joined 20 countries where open heart surgeries are conducted. This allows Kazakhstan to give highly qualified assistance not only to its citizens, but also to develop medical tourism. In general, Kazakhstan can raise surgery to a high quality level in accordance with global practices.