Students from Taraz presented the project of an eco-friendly house with solar power

The potential of Kazakhstan's renewables stimulates creation of innovative projects. Both scientists and young inventors introduce new technologies in this area. Students from Taraz presented the project of an eco-friendly house with solar power. Nurtileu and Yegor made the house which is adapted for desert, mountainous and arid regions with no communication. The smart house works with renewables. It consists of a solar battery, a wind generator and an installation for collecting rainwater. In addition, according to the developers, it does not harm the environment.


 - During winter there is not enough solar energy, so the wind generator will supplement the solar power and the collected rainwater is used for secondary purposes not for drinking, but for washing. There is a triple-glazed window on the south side, which is filled with the inert gas krypton, which lets the warm in and insulates it. Thus, the room is heated naturally.

The young developers had worked on the project for 1.5 years. They independently studied the world experience of applying alternative energy sources. They manage the eco-friendly house remotely. The young inventors did not limit themselves to the smart home; they also calculated the cost of such an installation as it would become a real house.


 - We estimated the cost of all goods. We also compiled the number of all components necessary for our power system. Thus, panels of a real house need 24 batteries, 16, 1 inverters and one controller. In order to install this power system 2 million tenge is needed.

The developers expect further implementation of the project which is inexhaustible and environmentally friendly. Today Kazakhstan has 55 operating facilities working with renewables. By the end of 2020, another 52 projects with a total investment volume of nearly 1 trillion tenge will be put into operation.