Central Asia: Green economy development

Kazakhstan plans to share its experience in green economy development with Central Asian countries. Experts mention that there are similar water infrastructure, agriculture and the human settlements in the region. In this regard, projects successfully implemented in our country are quite applicable in other central Asian countries.


– As part of the cooperation with the Central Asian regional ecology center, we plan to share our experience with Central Asian countries.  With this purpose, 4 educational modules have been developed, that fully describe the technological process of our pilot projects, economic calculations include design and estimate documentation, a complete set, so that specialists could come back to their countries, adapt the project and implement it in their country.

Experts from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will visit Kazakhstan during the period from April to August in order to study the projects. All the presented initiatives are calculated and it would be easier for specialists to use the ready-made data. The average cost of the green projects comprises 600-700 thousand euros; the payback period is up to 4 years.


– The project’s main idea was to demonstrate the model of green economy in water sector. We have developed 4 models for water sector. And at the present time we have entered the final straight, we are finishing the construction of these facilities. The first facility is in Almaty city, its Akshy village. There is a drainage network that reduces the level of ground water in this village. It saves the village from sinking and brings the ground water out of the village into the containment ponds.

The project on Supporting Kazakhstan’s Transition to Green Economy Model started in 2015. It is funded by the European Union. The budget is 7 billion euros. The project is designed for three years.