Art event “Open Road” was held in Astana

Works of talented Kazakh craftsmen and artists, such as felt canvasses, skillfully embroidered carpets and quilts, clay and wood souvenirs were presented to the curious public at an exhibition in Astana. Members of the Expo & Women international organization were the organizers of an art event “Open Road.” The event was dedicated to the Chinese Spring Festival and the upcoming Expo 2019 in Beijing. The visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to learn about the ancient art and buy paintings and art pieces that they like. A master class was held here for children on how to create a collage on gardening which is the main theme of Beijing 2019. According to the organizers, the project became a symbol of cooperation and diverse cultural dialogue between the countries.  


- Today we have brought together people willing to participate in Beijing EXPO and Dubai EXPO. Both EXPOs continue the theme of Astana EXPO which is related to green energy, green economy, and smart cities. That’s why we have launched a series of events that will help reveal talented people who can participate in the upcoming international exhibitions.