Legacy of Astana EXPO 2017

Legacy of Astana EXPO 2017

2017 marked the development of new technologies and ‘future energy’. Kazakhstan was the first CIS country to host a specialized international exhibition. For three months, Astana has turned into a huge exhibition pavilion where 115 countries and 22 international organizations presented innovative developments in the field of alternative energy. As President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, Astana EXPO 2017 played a big role in promoting Kazakhstan in the world.  


 - Our country has strengthened its image as a dynamically developing state in the Eurasian region. The phenomenon of EXPO contributed to the productive and intensive interaction of science, business and society, affected the development of mutual understanding and trust between countries and peoples. The world became more familiar with the rich and unique culture of Kazakhstan. Ladies and gentlemen, the energy of the future is one of the global pressing topics of the day, concerning the mankind. The exhibition has become a symbolic bridge for advanced ideas and technologies in this field.

EXPO had a huge multiplier effect. The exhibition gave an impetus to the economic recovery and the development of "green" technologies in Kazakhstan. Many of the showcased developments are already being introduced into domestic manufacturing. The exhibition also positively affected the small and medium-sized businesses; entrepreneurs were able not only to earn, but also to establish business contacts with colleagues from around the world. Astana EXPO 2017 gave a huge impetus to the development of Kazakhstan’s tourist cluster. The exhibition was visited by 5 million people.

The letter of Secretary General of the International Exhibitions Bureau Vicente Loscertales proves that the Expo in Astana was held successfully thanks to the efforts of the organizers.


 - What we see here is the fruit of many years of very close cooperation, not only with the Expo itself but with the president of the republic and the whole government of Kazakhstan. we are honored and touched by these words. It shows our friendship is deep and our relations have always been not only professional but profoundly close.

The exhibition let Kazakhstan not only to adopt the invaluable experience shared by the participating countries, but also to promote itself as a technological and modern state. Even before the beginning of Astana EXPO 2017, it was decided to preserve unique facilities as the exhibition’s heritage. The national pavilion "NurAlem", the Zone of Best Practices, the Art Center, and two thematic pavilions opened their doors again. There also will be an international center for the development of "green" technologies and an industrial park. Astana International Financial Center will start its work on expo site in January 2018.