Experts on Astana EXPO 2017

Astana EXPO 2017 increased Kazakhstan's prestige on the world stage and made the country even more recognizable. This opinion was expressed by head of the European programs of Humboldt University Matthias Parske. The guest from Germany has visited the international specialized exhibition in Astana twice. The main feautre of EXPO 2017 was interactivity. He liked Kazakhstan's "Nur Alem" pavilion most for its unusual architectural solution and rich content.


 - I'm glad that we had the opportunity to visit EXPO. Astana EXPO 2017 was held at a high level. EXPO was perfectly organized. It was a wonderful event. We were impressed by the extent to which Astana has developed and what a beautiful city it has become. I visited German, Austrian and Polish pavilions. But the central pavilion of Kazakhstan was the most beautiful. I would say "Nur Alem" is a piece of art! All types of energy were showcased there. It was interesting and interactive.

Polish Parliament’s member Barbara Bartusz has also noted the high level of the organization of EXPO 2017 in Astana. According to her, Kazakhstan has shown major improvements by sucessful holding of an international exhibition.


 - Kazakhstan is the leader in Central Asia, the guarantor of stability and security in the region. I also want to note that the Polish-Kazakh parliamentary group is the largest group in the Polish parliament, which shows that the parties are truly interested in cooperation. I would like to say about the EXPO. I was at the exhibition in Astana as a member of the Polish President's delegation. Kazakhstan held the EXPO on such a massive scale! I am very impressed!