Legacy of Astana EXPO 2017

A number of tourists interested in Kazakhstan is growing. This year, due to Astana EXPO 2017, a record influx of tourists from different countries was set. From June 10 to September 10, approximately 4 million people visited the expo. Nearly 500,000 visitors came from 187 different countries. The country’s tourist attractiveness gave a huge impetus to develop of domestic and inbound tourism.


- Tourists came and saw Kazakhstan. They saw the country’s capital, how it develops and how modern it is.  They also saw that Astana has a good service, security and in general, tolerant society. Therefore, we managed to show that today Kazakhstan is a modern state. This is a big image project for our country.

Representatives of 22 international organizations and 28 heads of states attended the expo in Astana. With the Kazakh businessmen’s participation 39 agreements were signed in areas like energy and construction. The green developments presented at the expo are actively introduced in Kazakhstan.


 - Almost every ministry is engaged in majority of projects. The Ministry of Energy is thoroughly studying more than 100 projects to implement them in our country.

Astana EXPO 2017 gave a powerful stimulus to Kazakhstan’s economic growth. The production volume has been increased, thousands of jobs were created, and the demand for tourism services grew by 78%. A letter from a Secretary General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions proves that the national company effectively managed the expo’s organization. Vicente Loscertales highlighted the organizer’s effort thanks to which the expo in Astana was successful.


- In his letter addressed to the head of state, the Secretary General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions said that this was one of the most successful specialized expo and its experience will be used in the upcoming expositions. This is a very high assessment.

The Kazakh pavilion was the most memorable at the international exhibition. One of the world’s unique spheres has become a symbol of Astana EXPO 2017. During the exhibition 1 million 300,000 people visited the Nur Alem pavilion. The pavilion continues its work. The number of tourists interested in an architectural landmark is growing.


 - There is no such facility anywhere in the world. Architects designed such building for the first time. Take for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is more than 120 years old. People who visit Paris, they want to see it and in fact it was built for the expo, too.  We believe that in the future, the Nur Alem pavilion will serve the people, so not only the Kazakh people, but also foreigners will come to see it.

Before the start of Astana EXPO 2017, it was set to preserve unique facilities as the exhibition’s legacy. In November, the NurAlem pavilion, the Best Practices Area, the Art Center, two thematic pavilions, the international center for development of green technologies and technopark will become available to visitors again. The Astana International Financial Center will start working on the expo’s territory.