"Kazakhstan managed to hold EXPO 2017 at a high level"

Kazakhstan managed to hold EXPO 2017 at a high level which led to discussion of the most important topic of our time, Future Energy. This was voiced by a Polish expert who visited the exhibition in Astana. He also highlighted that the expo represented Kazakhstan as a modern country which is open for tourists and business.


 - EXPO 2017 was organized at a very high level. During my career, I've seen many similar events in Europe and all over the world, but I should admit that the expo in Astana is one of the best events I've been to. The Nur Alem has become one of the most beautiful pavilions of the expo. In my opinion, an idea to create a museum there is remarkable because even after the exhibition this facility will serve people further. I would like to mention that the exhibition in Astana became an opportunity to our center to open a new market. It was the excellent opportunity to invite Kazakh entrepreneurs to visit Poland so they could present their products in our exhibitions.

According to member of the Bundestag, Philipp Lengsfeld, Kazakhstan excellently organized EXPO 2017 and showed that the future lies in alternative energy sources. The German politician visited the exhibition in Astana and was impressed by the capital’s futuristic architecture. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the exhibition for bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Germany.


 - I want to highlight an importance of the visit of Germany’s President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Kazakhstan. The fact that the president visited the expo speaks about a significance of the event and demonstrates the valuable relations between our countries. Kazakhstan is a very important partner to us and we should continue to move forward together. Regarding the expo’s topic, it is relevant for Germany. It was very interesting for me to get acquainted with how different countries perceive the future energy. I should say that Kazakhstan’s pavilion is exceptional. The pavilion is very interesting and beautiful. I think that the Nur Alem complex has become an attraction of Astana.