Development of Green Energy in Central Asian countries

 Development of Green Energy in Central Asian countries

Central Asian countries are developing green energy. At present, there are 50 renewable energy stations in Kazakhstan. Wind power stations represent the major part of the renewable energy stations, and then there are some hydropower and solar power plants as well. In three years term, up to 3% of electricity generated across Kazakhstan will be obtained from green energy sources. By 2030, green electricity will reach 10%, according to Kazakh Energy Ministry. Kazakhstan’s legislation will provide for some measures in order to promote the use of eco-friendly resources. Introduction of fixed tariffs will become an effective incentive in this regard.


- Certain amendments to the law "On Support of Renewable Energy Sources" have been made in 2013. They provide for methods of introducing fixed tariffs and the creation of a clearing and financial center. 00:02:44 The main function is the centralized purchase of all electrical energy obtained from renewables and its sale at fixed tariffs for 15 years. This mechanism will guarantee investors the sale of all products, which is the main tool for attracting investments in Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan has great potential in using alternative energy sources. Swiss investors are ready to invest in Kyrgyzstan’s energy sector. They intend to implement a number of projects to improve the operation of hydroelectric power plants. There are 19 of them in Kyrgyzstan, 12 of them are small hydroelectric power stations. However, Kyrgyzstan’s hydropower resources allow the construction of hundreds more, experts say. The energy sector of Uzbekistan is also keeping up the pace. The "green" reserves of the republic are huge. The main potential is the energy of the sun. A mobile solar power plant was launched in the Bukhara region last year. This company has no analogues in the CIS. According to local authorities, its capacity is sufficient to provide electricity to a large settlement. Experts believe that, technically, Uzbekistan can use the sun to receive 40 times more electricity than it consumes.


- First of all, the development of green energy in the countries of Central Asia will help to solve environmental problems. This is global idea of maintaining the environmental balance with the help of renewable energy. In addition, the development of green energy will have a positive impact on the economies of these countries. For example, in Kazakhstan, there is silicon, which is used in the production of solar panels. We can arrange its exports to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, because these are countries with a large number of sunny days and the development of solar energy is more feasible for them.

International Center for Development of Green Technologies and Investment Projects is being created on the basis of EXPO in Astana in order to exchange experience with the Central Asian countries. It is expected that the regional hub specialists will develop projects in order to transform the energy sector, to switch to "green" entrepreneurship, transfer and adapt eco-technologies and best practices, and develop green finance.