Legacy of EXPO 2017

Legacy of EXPO 2017

Astana EXPO 2017 positively affected all spheres of Kazakhstan’s economy. First of all, the organization of the exhibition gave a powerful impetus to development of green technologies, specifically, a number of the presented developments have been applied in production. The expo has influenced small and medium-sized businesses: entrepreneurs were able not only to earn, but also to establish business contacts with colleagues from all over the world. The exhibition significantly impacted the country’s tourism industry: Kazakhstan has become more recognizable to travelers all over the world and gained a vast experience in organizing a large-scale international event.


- So if you want to attract tourists you have to make potential tourists, you have to have infrastructure and you need to know how to organize such things because to organize such big touristic event which you can improvise, you have to work but I’m sure it will come. This is a starting point to a new era which has been launched with the exhibit and probably it will be starting to something very important from touristic standpoint. 

During the exhibition, nearly 5 million visitors have been on the expo’s territory.  Hotels in Astana estimated at 70%. In order to preserve and increase the country’s tourist potential, the Kazakh Tourism national company was established.


- We are aiming to expand this impulse given by the expo. We also plan to set the goals which are not only attraction of tourists but also attraction of tourist investments, achievement of certain standards in service. We intend to work with both international markets and domestic markets.

The expo enabled Kazakhstan’s representatives in tourism industry to evaluate priority markets and directions, as well as to develop a set of their unique offers. Experts analyzed that the countries like China, Russia, India, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam showed great interest in Kazakhstan. Representatives of the states of the Middle East attracted fishing and hunting, and Europeans look for eco-tourism. Thanks to the expo, Kazakhstan was able to present on the world arena all its tourist resources from natural resources to cultural and historical heritage.