Reviews of tourists about EXPO-2017

Millions of tourists visited Astana EXPO 2017. The international specialized exhibition brought together representatives of various professions such as economists, businessmen, scientists and artists. EXPO 2017 became memorable for everyone. Georgian tourists shared their impressions.


 - EXPO 2017 was devoted to renewable energy resources and new technologies. We with a group of tourists from Georgia were extremely impressed by the level and scale of the event. I've been to similar events in Europe and I can say that Astana EXPO was very well organized. It is something innovative for our region. I believe that such events will benefit the region in the future, and will bring more tourists to Kazakhstan and foster renewable energy development. I believe that we should continue organizing such events.

Azerbaijani journalist Ali Said says that EXPO 2017 was interesting, informative, safe and very well organized. The reporter visited the specialized exhibition and was impressed. According to him, the expo town infrastructure will bring huge benefits to Kazakhstan.


 - I visited EXPO 2017 two times during my stay in Astana. I would say that I have never seen anything more grandiose even though I often visit various exhibitions. The pavilions’ design was amazing. There were huge pavilions occupying several hectares with exhibition centers and shopping malls. The information system and security were very well organized. Other countries hold expo as well. I think they have something to learn from Kazakhstan in this regard.

Hundreds of students, both Kazakh and foreign, watched the closing ceremony of EXPO online. Many expressed their admiration.


 - Even though we are far away from our homeland, we are always happy to see its achievements. I believe that the exhibition will contribute to the development of our state and I think that the "future energy" will improve our economy and everyday life in general. As for the closing ceremony, everything was at the highest level and was very informative. The ceremony reflected the theme of the exhibition. I wish our country to hold more such large-scale events.