Astana hosted the premiere of a new project by National Geographic

Astana hosted the premiere of a new project by National Geographic

Astana hosted the premiere of a new project by National Geographic about the most ambitious architectural structures in Kazakhstan. The filmmakers of the world-famous TV channel tell the audience how the sphere of Nur Alem at EXPO 2017, Khan Shatyr, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, and a new railway station were built. In addition, the producers of the 40-minute documentary film depicted Astana as one of the fastest growing cities in the world.


- You know I’ve learned so much when the team was making this film. It is so incredible that over the past 20 years this amazing city that appeared in a dream of your president is here. It is phenomenal. So many structures is a series that we have and it really looks at the human drama, the technological invention behind some of the world’s most impressive buildings and we certainly very impressed by what we see here.

The focus of the documentary film is the history of the creation of the world's largest spherical Nur Alem building. The authors of the film told about the uniqueness of this project and the difficulties faced by the architects in the design and construction of the pavilion.


- We could have told that story as mega structure’s story, the story of how we created this in 21 months. 011813 but we also step a little far so when we started to research about the story of this city how 20 years ago these brick houses and how the president had this vision and in 20 years’ time which is amazing you created this amazing city not only the expo but the whole city.

The documentary film “Megastructures: Astana, City of the Future” will be screened in more than 170 different countries in 37 languages. The series of Megastructures by National Geographic, give an insight into the history of construction and operation of the world's largest architectural structures like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or the Eurotunnel in the English Channel.