Uzbekistan shoots film about friendship of two peoples

A feature film “Miras”, based on real events that took place in early and mid-20th century, is being filmed in Uzbekistan. The film tells about the ancient kinship, strong ties and friendship of Kazakh and Uzbek peoples, and also about the love of a Kazakh girl and an Uzbek guy. The main character finds herself in a difficult situation and cannot reunite with her beloved. The movie also shows spiritual values, including a school founded by Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

“We have casted a lot of popular Kazakh actors such as Dimash, Nurlan. We chose an actress from Kazakhstan to play Aigul as well. But, alas, we waited too long. Now we have Uzbek Kazakhs playing these roles,” said the film director Hilol Nasimov.

The role of the beautiful Aigul was played by an actress Aisanem Yusupova. She has previously starred in several Uzbek and Kazakh films.

“Before the shooting, I began studying the images of Kazakh girls of that time. I was looking for information about their national costumes and behavior on the internet. That is why it was not hard for me to play the role of Aigul. In this film, the main character overcomes many difficulties. At first, she cannot meet with her beloved, marries the other man. Later, one of her three children dies of illness. Meanwhile, her husband leaves for war,” shared Aisanem Yusupova.

Several episodes of the film were planned to be shot in Belarus and Kazakhstan, but coronavirus changed the plans.

“The pandemic messed up our plans, but we still hope to get to Kazakhstan, particularly, to the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Turkistan. Moreover, there are bears in Kazakhstan, with which we have scenes in our film. We wanted to shoot them in Kazakhstan,” added Nasimov.

The film is planned to be released in the beginning of next year.