"Kazakh people and their origin" book presentation takes place in Nur-Sultan

Presentation of a book “Kazakh people and their origin” was held in Kazakhstan’s capital. It is written by Orazak Ismagulov, the first Kazakh anthropologist and researcher of genetic structure of Kazakhs’ population, as well as Ainagul Ismagulova, scientist-anthropologist. The work is based on the results of comprehensive researches on physical anthropology of the Kazakh people and their ancestors. This is the result of 50 years of the scientist’s researches, which include invaluable anthropological data. Doctor of Philology Zhantas Altaiuly translated the book into Kazakh.

“The information provided by the scientists in this book cannot be found anywhere, not in a single library, not in a single laboratory. They are invaluable. The work states that distant ancestors of Kazakh people lived 40 centuries ago, that is, in the Bronze Age. Orazak Ismagulov supposes that our ancestors have been speaking Turkic dialect for over 40 centuries. I think he managed to prove this,” said Altaiuly.


Photo: inform.kz