Fifth European Film Festival kicks off online in Kazakhstan

From drama and comedy to animations and documentaries - 18 best films produced by the European Union Member States will be screened during the fifth European Film Festival in Kazakhstan. The event will last for 20 days and will be held entirely online. It is organized by the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan. Each of the selected films is a winner and laureate of various prestigious European film festivals. In addition to film screenings, the festival will provide master classes and discussions with the European and Kazakh filmmakers. The main goal of the festival is to introduce Kazakh viewers to the European cinema, as well as to increase the interest of the general public in cinematographic art and, as a result, to strengthen international cooperation.

“We realize that Kazakh viewers would be interested in learning about the problems of modern Europe. As you know, there are currently a lot of discussions going on in Europe on topics such as migration, youth, religion and identity, environmental problems, climate change, as well as human rights issues. For example, the first film that opens the festival, ‘A Ciambra’, is also a co-production. It was co-produced by Italy and other EU countries, actually not only the EU, but also America and Brazil. The film is about the problems of a young man somewhere in Southern Italy with complex identity, he is a migrant. The film that closes our festival is an Estonian film about a woman from little Estonia who strives for success. These are various films on different subjects,” said Maciej Madalinski, Head of Political, Press and Information Section of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan.